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Teraphysics has developed patented ultra-high speed 5G data delivery, paving the way for the next generation of mobile data connectivity, which greatly improves global internet capacity. mmLink™ is a wireless solution able to transmit at unprecedented data rates, using a millimeter-wave amplifier that was developed and significantly enhanced with funding from the Air Force Research Laboratory, the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The technology is far more advanced than what was used on NASA vehicles such as the Mars Rover and Cassini spacecraft.


Lightning fast wireless internet backbone – up to 150 times faster than current technology. 

Millions of users can simultaneously:

  • Download movies in the blink of an eye

  • Stream live video seamlessly.  No buffering

  • Experience no dropped calls or Internet lag

  • Enable smart cities, smart cars, drones, balloons, satellites (bringing Internet to underserved areas)

Intellectual Property – Teraphysics has patented the first commercially viable THz source via miniaturized vacuum electronics.

Teraphysics’ Relevant Patent Protected Intellectual Property

  • US Patent #7,071,604, July 4, 2006

  • US Patent #7,193,485, March 20, 2007

  • US Patent #7,037,370, May 2, 2006

  • US Patent #6,917,162, July 4, 2006

  • US Patent #7,679,462, March 16, 2010

  • US Patent Application #2008/0272698, February 21, 2007

  • US Patent Application #2010/0045160, August 20, 2008

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Dr. Gerald Mearini, PhD

Dr. Gerald Mearini, PhD

Dr. Gerald Mearini pioneered chemical vapor deposited (CVD) diamond-based vacuum electronic devices with Jim Dayton at NASA Lewis. This discovery led to national recognition in the diamond community and the founding of General Vacuum in 1994, and ultimately the creation of Teraphysics Corporation. He has 19 patents and 30 publications in diamond and thin film technology and is an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Case Western Reserve University. Mearini started the company in 1994 with the vision of building diamond based vacuum electron devices for next generation wireless communications which has been realized.

Dr. Mearini received a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University, and a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Experimental Physics from Case Western Reserve University.


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