Teraphysics Corp Announces NASA Agreement

Executes Space Act Agreement to Qualify and Certify Operating Characteristics of its Patented “Miniaturized” TWT

CLEVELAND, OH / September 5th, 2023 / Teraphysics Corp.  

Teraphysics, a privately held, Cleveland, Ohio-based R&D company announces that it has executed a non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement with NASA’s Glenn Research Facility in Cleveland.  Teraphysics entered this agreement for the purpose of performing radio frequency (RF) characterization of its patented, micro fabricated E-band helical traveling wave tube amplifier and to ascertain its suitability for space-to-earth RF telecommunication link.  The schedule of work includes:

  • Certification for use as a communication amplifier for satellite and terrestrial communications 
  • Quantification of performance parameters
  • Demonstration of terrestrial performance in a stand-alone 1-mile radio link

Dr. Gerald Mearini, Co-Founder and CEO stated, “This marks an historic milestone achievement in our corporate history. The testing of our disruptive technology by NASA is the culmination of 20-plus years of research and development with investments from the private sector and numerous US Government funded projects.  We are both honored and humbled to have this incredible collaboration and look forward to working closely with our colleagues at NASA Glenn as we enter this next evolutionary phase in our technology development.” 

The agreement allows the company to characterize, certify and qualify its patented “miniaturized” TWT for RF communications that could be incorporated and used in future LEO constellations and existing 5G, 6G and future wireless terrestrial communications.   Testing is expected to commence in Q3/2023 with completion of the testing anticipated in Q2.2025.  

About Teraphysics Corp.

Teraphysics has developed and patented a mm-wave amplifier that will enable significantly faster data transfer, impacting not only defense C5ISR initiatives but also the commercial sector. Teraphysics Corp. is an R&D company formed in 2006 to advance and commercialize its disruptive patented mm-wave Travelling Wave Tube (TWT), a modern-day re-invention of a proven 70-year-old wireless technology. The Teraphysics breakthrough is a miniaturized, high power, highly efficient millimeter wave TWT amplifier that will enable a family of communication systems operating in the E-band (71-86 GHz) and other devices operating at the upper frequency bands, to meet  high capacity, military C5ISR, terrestrial communications, and inter-satellite links for future planned LEO constellations, radar antenna arrays and electronic warfare systems  These devices are the size of a business card, weigh less than one pound and are designed to output from 10s to 100s of watts of linear power.  These devices were developed by a team of former NASA engineers and physicists who originally worked together in the 1990s in the Space Communications Division at NASA’s Lewis Research Center (now NASA Glenn) in Cleveland, Ohio.